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Areas of activity

Industries we work with

Industrial manufacturers

Providers of electronic equipment

Automotive manufacturers

Security services

Designers and providers of electronic components

Providers of cash technology solutions

Producers of power plants (solar panels, wind turbines)

Telecommunication services

Retail companies

Online electronics stores

Technology developers




Computer repair services


Municipalities governmental offices

How can we help you?

We will come in to the site and collect all of your old electronics equipment. We will do all of the dismantling, packaging and logistic services. All you need to do is just book an appointment and let our professionals team do the rest.
Data containing components will be destroyed, proof of destruction document will be issued, we also offer a service of video-graphic proof of destruction by request.
Commodities are disassembled into base materials such as Al, Fe, Cu, Plastic and other components containing precious metals, then they are sorted and forwarded further for recycling processes, we offer a full report of admitted commodities base materials amounts and projected recyclability rate by request.

Items that are still considered usable are tested, repaired and re-used in various industries.

Clients can always receive personalized servicing tailored by their request, we will do what we can to adapt to all specific situations, feel free to ask!

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