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Profitability incentive

We can offer you the most competitive terms

For companies wishing to increase their profit income and have their material price evaluated based on type, please request our price catalog here, we are confident we can offer you the most competitive terms not only in Portuguese market but also internationally, the reason for our confidence is simple - we are the intermediary between your company and smelting facilities, most of the material is not further traded in national or international markets, materials arriving to our warehouse are sent to final destination for processing and extraction of precious metals, the components that can still be re-used are resold for further use in other electronic devices.

If you are still not sure if you should choose us, feel free to compare the prices with other IT collection / data destruction services, we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised.

What will you get:

To safely dispose your end-of-life electronics free of charge, pick-up included (from 50 Kilograms)

All data containing electronics will be wiped or destroyed and and proof of destruction document will be issued

We issue EGAR document with required LER code and weight (proof of waste admitted for recycling facilities)

And of course, substantial income for your end-of-life electronics!

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