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Help us help the planet

Our mission: to help companies safely dispose of their end-of-life IT equipment, simultaneously helping create a greener Portugal

Idea: For each ten kilograms of electronic waste admitted to our collection services we promise to plant 1 tree in your name

About us

Portmet Recycling is a company which collects end-of-life electronics and forwards it to smelting facilities

We began our work in 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. As we are a new company in the Portuguese market of REEE recycling, to become more preferable than our competitors, our main driving force is determination, efficient service, and of course - competitive pricing. We always try to find the right solution for our clients, same day free pick-up services, or 100% instant payment after material loading or even help in evaluation of stock materials and teaching the correct material separation methods - we are always there for our clients, proof of that is our continuous monthly growth in clientele and purchased material volume numbers.
From 2023 we decided to expand into a new market, this time not solely driven by entrepreneurship goals, but with a real mission to help the planet, and more specifically, Portugal’s forests. According to Global Forest Watch, from 2001 to 2020, Portugal has lost 1.09 Million hectares of tree cover, which is an equivalent to a 47% decrease! And we, together with your help, can take part in helping to decrease that number!

Current global electronic waste situation

According to global e-waste monitor it is calculated that the amount of e-waste generated globally will exceed 74 Mt in 2030, and as much as 110 Mt is expected by 2050.

According to UN report only 20% of Electronic scrap globally is documented to be formally recycled, meaning the rest of it ends up in landfills or informally recycled - much of it by hand exposing workers to various hazardous substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium. Electronic scrap ending up in landfills contaminates soil and groundwater, polluting and contaminating water sources and food supply systems. That is why you should choose safe and correct disposal services of your electronic waste.

How it works

Your company will fill out a short form for electronic waste collection services, confirming location, quantity and collection date, then our collection agent will contact you to confirm exact collection time and terms. After collection we will take weight of collected materials and donate to the organization ‘’ according to the weight of submitted material, for example: we will collect 80 Kilograms of electronic waste equipment from your facilities, meaning 8 Trees will be planted in your company name in Portugal!

What is in it for us

We are a privately owned company, not funded by any foundations, after all the costs of material collection, separation, dismantling, cleaning and donations, the rest of the profits are left for us, we would be lying if we would say that we are solely driven by altruism and not also entrepreneurship, but this is our solution to doing both things - successful business and positive footprint on the planet.

What will you get


To safely dispose your end-of-life electronics free of charge, pick-up included.


All data containing electronics will be wiped or destroyed and proof of destruction document will be issued.


We issue EGAR document with required LER code and weight (proof of waste admitted for recycling facilities).


By the end of year your company will receive certificate of how many trees you helped plant!

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